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08 May 2015
air duct cleaning austin

The major reasons for doing regular air-duct cleaning is to conserve a clean air and healthy environment along with improved the system´┐Żs efficiency. Other reasons include safe concern to lessen damage and to spend less by avoid unnecessary repairs. The environment in the home circulates through the air ducts in the HVAC systems and also carry dust, debris, as well as other microscopic elements.

The typical regulations require that most HVAC systems to have a furnace filter that will capture the particles in the air, but this does not mean you have 100% clean air. Gunk accumulates with time on the filter and the ductwork too, thus increasing the possibility of contaminated air. Understanding the cleaning process make certain that you can assess whether or not the system was cleaned properly. Listed below are the key steps taken when cleaning ductwork. Austin Steam It - Duct Cleaning Service

Proper Inspection Before Cleaning
Inspection from the air ducts should be an everyday thing, how else can you tell that the ducts need cleaning? Assessing cleanliness isn't the sole reason for doing routine inspections. Since the duct is part of a cloak inflow system, the inspection really helps to collect information about the status from the entire unit. Thus, the inspection will probably be on the air filters, the ventilation, to the ductwork in order to identify any problems that might affect the flow of air. The inspection can inform help determine whether the cleaning will just need a change of the filter or mold removal from the filters and ductwork.

Vacuum Cleaning
An effective method of cleaning airflow systems who have a small access is the use of vacuums. The vacuuming should done up against the airflow, which means the particles should be blown to the outdoors. This type of cleaning subjects the gunk inside the system to negative pressure that dislodges it prior to the introduction of other cleaning methods. If the cleaning should be done with all the exhaust going indoor, then your vacuum system should make use of an HEPA-Filter.

Cleaning the Ductwork
The ductwork is a more complicated cleaning job than the filters. Cleaning the ductwork needs special mechanical cleaning which uses the use of different cable driven brushes based on the type of ductwork. The cleaning is performed in conjunction with a high-powered vacuum. Soft bristle brushed are fantastic for fiberglass lined ductwork and nylon brushes for that metallic ducts. In the event the ductwork is insulated, then the cleaning should ensure it is left dry to avoid the growth of mold. Any possible repairs should be carried out after cleaning is done. For instance, plugging any cracks with a sealant helps to ensure the duct remains air tight.

Cleaning Other Pieces of the System
Away from the air duct and filters, other regions such as the heat exchanger, the coil fins, plenum, humidifier, coil drain pan, blower blades, cabinet interior, and the sides of the cooling coil likewise require cleaning. All these part could affect the quality of air and thus should be checked, cleaned, and repaired where necessary through the air duct cleaning process. Because these parts are of a more delicate cleaning demand, the work should be left to some qualified HVAC systems cleaning services provider.


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